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Solfeggio Frequencies

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Solfeggio Frequencies

Available Output Frequencies

HZP automatically converts music that was recorded in the universal standard tuning of 440Hz A4 to any Solfeggio frequency and the Miracle Tone of Nature (aka Earth Tone) of 432Hz A4

174Hz - Relieving Pain and Stress

The first and lowest of the Solfeggio Frequencies might be just the thing to help relieve aches and pains in the body.

174Hz helps relieves stress and encourages mental clarity. It can help you feel safe and grounded while easing tension.

174Hz can help with migraines, lower back pain, and aches in the feet and legs.


285Hz - Healing Tissue and Organs

If you’re recovering from injury or illness, spend some time listening to 285Hz.

Sound Healers use this frequency to gently help heal minor injuries and wounds, especially in the tissue and organs.

285Hz benefits the entire energetic body and clears blockages in all the chakras.


396Hz - Liberating Fear & Guilt

396Hz allows listeners to let go of guilt, fear, and trauma that might be stuck in the energetic body.

If you’ve suffered a loss recently and could use support processing your grief, this is the frequency for you.

396Hz is the frequency of the root chakra and helps to clear blockages.


417Hz - Wipes out Negativity

Bid farewell to bad vibes!

417Hz helps encourage positivity and ushers in fresh new changes to help you level up.

Associated with the sacral chakra, listening to 417Hz can help spark your creative fire.

A higher version of yourself awaits; all you must do is welcome in the good vibrations!


432Hz - Miracle Tone of Nature

The frequency of nature, 432hz, lies outside of the traditional Solfeggio Frequency scale. Still, Sound Healers consider 432Hz to be one of the most powerful frequencies to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Listen to 432Hz if you find that your brain is running a mile a minute – it might help your mind rest so that you can enjoy peaceful and restorative sleep.

Proponents of sound therapy believe that 432Hz helps attune humans to the vibration of nature and increases feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Along with 396Hz, it is associated with the root chakra.


528Hz - Repairs DNA

528Hz might help rewire neural pathways in the brain, according to healers.

The frequency of miracles can help bring transformation into your life. When you listen to 528Hz you’ll immerse yourself in the frequency of love which can spark your intuition.

528Hz music can support you when you’re on the verge of a spiritual awakening and looking to vibrate higher.

It’s tied to the solar plexus chakra.


639Hz - Brings Love

Looking for love, or struggling in your relationships with partners, friends, or family?

639Hz is the frequency of the heart chakra and can assist with heart healing and repair after a difficult fight or break-up.

Listening to 639Hz music calls love into your life, helps you to open up in vulnerability, and connects you to lovers, family, and community.


741Hz - Detoxifies Cells

741Hz can help cleanse your body of toxins, according to sound healers.

It’s associated with the throat chakra – so if you’re struggling with self-confidence or can’t seem to communicate your ideas in the right way, give 741Hz a listen.


852Hz - Awakens Intuition

Open your third-eye chakra with 852Hz.

You can support mental clarity and help rid yourself of illusions that are no longer serving you.

Let go of the thinking mind and connect with your own innate intuitive power by listening to 852Hz.


963Hz - Connects to Higher Self

Connect with universal wisdom with 963Hz – known as the frequency of the Gods.

Sound healers use this frequency to tap into the wisdom of the universe, and oneness and communicate with their higher self.

Connected to the crown chakra, this is the perfect frequency to listen to if you’re working through advanced meditation techniques in order to connect with the source.


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One of the best if not the best app with so many frequency variation option. You can choose on the fly the song you like and play it to Heal yourself and uplift the environment! Kudos A+++

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Georgios Tantalos
Android User

Absolutely stunningly amazing app! Works like charm. A lot of thanks and love for the developers. The best music player ever! Works for your wellbeing

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Kristiyan Manolov
Android User

I love this app! I wish that all the sound that comes out of my phone goes through this app. Keep on the good work and thanks!

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Android User

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