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852Hz - Awakens Intuition

Discover how listening to 852Hz music can help you realize your intuition and wisdom!

Benefits of 852Hz

Intuition and wisdom

If you’re looking to awaken your intuition, try listening to 852Hz. This frequency can help to open you up to your own intuitive knowing and is a powerful aid for sensitives and psychics. Connecting with your inner self, doing dream work, and trusting your wisdom are positive results from listening to 852Hz. 

Common Uses of 852Hz

Open up to the truth, self-realization, dream work

Sound healers lean on 852Hz for connection with inner wisdom, interpreting dreams, and opening to intuition. This frequency helps listeners to gain insight into inner wisdom, and truth and opens up intuitive channels. If you’re looking to embrace your intuitive powers – you might choose to work with 852 Hz. 

Associate Chakra of 852Hz

The Third-Eye Chakra

852Hz relates to the third eye chakra, which is located right between the brows on the forehead. The third eye chakra rules over intuition and psychic knowing. When clearing the third eye chakra, you might find yourself being able to connect with deeper wisdom and realize your true self. 

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852 HJz Music PLayer

How Does HZP Work?

HZP enables you to output your music in 852 Hz and any Solfeggio Frequency!

  1. 1
    Load The Player

    Connect to the web player or open one of the apps. HZP is available on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android.

  2. 2
    Select A Song

    Choose a song from the streaming catalog or your own MP3 library.

  3. 3
    Choose Your Desired Output Frequency

    Click on the frequency button, then select the desired output frequency according to the goal you are trying to achieve.