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963Hz - Connects to Higher Self

Discover how listening to 963Hz music can help you open up to the Divine!

Benefits of 963Hz

Activates the pineal gland and connects to the source

The highest and final frequency of 963Hz is one of the most powerful. It benefits the higher self and helps you connect to the Divine. It is known as the frequency of the Gods and can help to activate the pineal gland so that you can connect to the wisdom of the universe. 

Common Uses of 963Hz

Advanced meditation, Divine awareness

Sound healers work with 963Hz to help activate the pineal gland. This frequency is a profound tool for advanced meditation practitioners. If you are looking to connect with Source, try working with 963Hz.

Chakra of 963Hz

The Crown Chakra

963Hz relates to the crown chakra which is located at the very top of the head and extends slightly above the physical body. The crown chakra is about spiritual transformation and connection to the divine. Once you’ve worked through balancing the lower chakras, you can use 936Hz to help clear the crown chakra for spiritual transformation, awakening, and oneness. 

Stream Over 1 Million Songs In 963 Hz

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963 Hz Music PLayer

How Does HZP Work?

HZP enables you to output your music in 963 Hz and any Solfeggio Frequency!

  1. 1
    Load The Player

    Connect to the web player or open one of the apps. HZP is available on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android.

  2. 2
    Select A Song

    Choose a song from the streaming catalog or your own MP3 library.

  3. 3
    Choose Your Desired Output Frequency

    Click on the frequency button, then select the desired output frequency according to the goal you are trying to achieve.