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285Hz - Healing Tissue and Organs

Discover how listening to 285Hz music can help you heal!

Benefits of 285Hz

Heals tissue and organs, repairs cells

285 Hz can help to heal the tissue and organs of the body. This frequency helps repair and rejuvenate cells by sending vibrations through the body that can repair damage. It can also help to enhance the immune response in the body and can increase overall immunity which can help you to recover after an illness. 

Common Uses of 285Hz

Recovery after injury or illness

Sound healers use 285Hz when they are working with patients in need of physical healing in various organ systems in the body. If you’ve recently undergone surgery, this frequency offers excellent support during the recovery process. It can help to balance the entire chakra system and return the energetic body to health. It’s also used to help speed up the healing process for burns, fractures, sprains, cuts, and other minor injuries.  

Associate Chakra of 285Hz

The Root Chakra

285 Hz is great for balancing the root chakra. The lowest chakra that sits at the base of the spine, our root chakras help us feel grounded and secure so that we can withstand challenges. It is responsible for stability and a sense of security. 

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285 Hz Music PLayer

How Does HZP Work?

HZP enables you to output your music in 285 Hz and any Solfeggio Frequency!

  1. 1
    Load The Player

    Connect to the web player or open one of the apps. HZP is available on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android.

  2. 2
    Select A Song

    Choose a song from the streaming catalog or your own MP3 library.

  3. 3
    Choose Your Desired Output Frequency

    Click on the frequency button, then select the desired output frequency according to the goal you are trying to achieve.