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Solfeggio Frequency: 174 Hz Relieving Pain and Stress

Discover how listening to 174Hz music can relieve pain and stress in your life!

Benefits of 174Hz

Relieve Stress and Pain

The first and lowest of the Solfeggio Frequencies might be just the thing to help relieve aches and pains in the body. 174Hz helps relieves stress and encourages mental clarity. It can help you feel safe and grounded while easing tension. 174Hz can help with migraines, lower back pain, and aches in the feet and legs. 


Retune 440Hz Music
To 174Hz Instantly

HZP offers you the fastest and easiest way to retune all of your music from 440Hz to 174Hz tuning scale.


Common Uses of 174Hz

Ease tension, and relieve pain

Sound healers work with 174Hz with patients who have ongoing pain and muscle tension that is often associated with stress. Playing 174Hz frequency can help ease stress and promote a state of relaxation in the body which can help ease the symptoms of muscle pain and can even reduce migraine pain.

The Root Chakra

Associate Chakra of 174Hz

174 Hz is beneficial to the entire chakra system, and is great for helping to balance the root chakra as it can help you to feel safe, grounded, and secure.

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