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Solfeggio Frequency: 528Hz – Repairs DNA

Discover how listening to 528Hz music can transform your life!

Benefits of 528Hz

Repairs DNA

528Hz is beneficial for transformation. It can help to call in energetic awareness, peace, and creativity. It helps to rewire neural pathways in the brain, and call in miracles. It can help gently repair the DNA according to healers. Great for getting in touch with your intuition and connecting with your spirituality, 538Hz is a powerful tool to have on hand during spiritual awakenings.


Retune 440Hz Music
To 528Hz Instantly

HZP offers you the fastest and easiest way to retune all of your music from 440Hz to 528Hz tuning scale.


Common Uses of 528Hz

Rest, balance, and miracles

Sound healers often turn towards 528Hz frequency when they are working with people who suffer from poor sleep. This frequency is believed to bring you into balance with the universe and open you up to miracles. It increases positivity, which according to the law of attraction only brings in more good energy and promotes miraculous things happening in your life.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Associate Chakra of 528Hz

528Hz is associated with the solar plexus chakra which governs our self-confidence and willpower. If you’re looking for the perfect frequency to build self-confidence and perseverance, 528Hz is an excellent choice. It’s also believed to help fuel digestive fire.

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