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"Finally! I've been searching for an app that lets me convert my favorite songs into sound healing frequencies and this app makes it so easy! I also really appreciate the ability to switch between frequencies while listening to a song and hear the subtle differences in real-time. This is a game changer for anyone who listens to music because now your favorite tunes can also have a positive impact on your health. EPIC."

Derek Muller

440 Hz to 639 Hz

Convert any song from 440 hz to 639 hz tuning instantly with HZP. Save precious time, money and storage space by simply retuning the song in real time with 1 click of a button.
No technical skills required!

100% FREE

Convert as many songs as you would like, an unlimited amount of times, 100% free of charge (ad supported).

Zero Learning Curve

If you can click on 1 button, you can retune all of your music to 639 Hz!

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Lossless Retuning

Our Patented, real time retuning feature allows you to enjoy your music without compromising on audio quality.

Works Everywhere

HZP is available to download on iOS, Mac, Windows & Android

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