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Solfeggio Frequency: 639Hz – Brings Love

Discover how listening to 639Hz music can help heal your heart and call in love!

Benefits of 639Hz

Heals the heart, vulnerability, love

639 Hz benefits matters of the heart. It can elevate communication of all kinds and help you connect with your loved ones in a whole new way. This is the frequency to turn to if you’re struggling with relationships. If you’ve undergone a painful argument with a friend, family, or partner and you’re having trouble opening up about your emotions, this is the frequency for you.


Retune 440Hz Music
To 639Hz Instantly

HZP offers you the fastest and easiest way to retune all of your music from 440Hz to 639Hz tuning scale.


Common Uses of 639Hz

Inviting in love, healing after breakups, healthy relating

Sound healers will often turn towards 639Hz for helping to heal broken hearts. After a painful fight or a bad breakup, this frequency helps the heart to heal and helps listeners open to the possibility of new love. For anyone seeking new love, or hoping to invite love into their life, 639Hz can help align you with the vibration of pure love.

The Heart Chakra

Associate Chakra of 639Hz

639Hz is aligned with the heart chakra. The color of this energy is a vibrant green. The deep and beautiful frequency helps our hearts to open to vulnerability and intimacy. It helps to heal and cleanse our heart chakra from difficult relationships of all kinds.

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