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Solfeggio Frequency: 396Hz – Liberating Fear and Guilt

Discover how listening to 396Hz music can relieve you of guilt and fear in your life!

Benefits of 396Hz

Relieves fear, guilt, and trauma

Relief from fear, guilt and past trauma are a few of the benefits of listening to 396Hz. Feelings like fear, guilt, and shame can get stuck and cause blockages in the energetic body, and 396Hz helps with processing those difficult feelings so that we don’t become stuck in negative cycles. 396Hz is great for anyone suffering from anxiety, especially when it’s related to trauma.


Retune 440Hz Music
To 396Hz Instantly

HZP offers you the fastest and easiest way to retune all of your music from 440Hz to 396Hz tuning scale.


Common Uses of 396Hz

Empowerment, healing from trauma, recovering from grief

Sound healers use 396Hz when they’re working on cleansing the body of guilt and fear. This frequency is often used to help empower people who have undergone a stressful life event and need support in regaining their confidence so that they can achieve goals and grow. It’s commonly used for people who have suffered a great loss and need to process grief. It helps return the listener to a state of joy.

The Root Chakra

Associate Chakra of 396Hz

396 Hz balances the root chakra. The lowest chakra that sits at the base of the spine, our root chakras help us feel grounded and secure so that we can withstand challenges. It is responsible for stability and a sense of security.

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