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In our modern society we are constantly bogged down with deep seeded guilt and shame surrounding any number of things. We experience guilt for all kinds of reasons ranging from religious trauma to skipping the gym. 

Whatever the reason, these guilty feelings can keep us up at night, anxious, filled with fear and negative self talk, and extremely imbalanced. 

Working through these difficult emotions requires intense self work, shadow work, and the assistance of a therapist or processor. Fortunately, there are new tools emerging all the time that may assist in releasing the painful feelings such as guilt, shame, and fear. 

Solfeggio frequencies are specific tones or sounds that promote healing and help with various aspects of bodily functions. They work through vibrations, and interact with energetic functions throughout the body to create balance. 

The Solfeggio frequencies are believed to date back to ancient times and are said to be fundamental sounds in Western Christian and Eastern Indian religious chants used by Gregorian Monks and Indian Sanskrit mantras. 

A physician and researcher Dr, Joseph Puleo rediscovered the frequencies in the 70s using mathematical numeral reduction. He identified the six main Solfeggio Frequencies that are continuing to gain popularity ever since. 

While more evidence is certainly needed, scientists are beginning to have renewed interest in studying the positive effects of the Solfeggio Frequencies on the human body, mind, and spirit. 

396 Hz meaning 

One such tool is sound healing, or sound therapy using the Solfeggio frequencies. Specifically, 396 Hz works to cleanse the body and mind of guilt, fear, and trauma. 

One of the most commonly used Solfeggio Frequencies, 396 Hz, is believed to help with balancing the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra, or Muladahara, is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the color red.

396 hz and the Chakras 

 A balanced Root Chakra grounds us and allows us to feel stability and security. It can become blocked by fear, anxiety, and constant worrying. These days, who doesn’t suffer from a little anxiety? Chances are, we could all benefit from a little more balance. 

The vibrations from 396 Hz can help cleanse and return this energy center to its proper balanced state, thus increasing our ability to withstand challenges. It can assist with letting go of feelings of guilt and fear that reside within the subconscious mind. 

396 Hz healing properties 

396 Hz is also believed to help release negative thought patterns and beliefs. All that negative self talk that we give ourselves on a daily basis, all of the times we tell ourselves that we are not enough – can have terrible effects on our self esteem. 396 Hz is believed to help us break free from the painful cycles. 

396 Hz is also believed to be a powerful tool to assist with processing grief. 

How to use 396 Hz 

In order to see how 396 Hz resonates with your unique mind, body, and spirit try finding a quiet place and separate yourself from distraction. 

Try to lie somewhere cozy, or take a comfortable seat. Next, pull up the HZP program on your device and select the 396 Hz frequency. You can now listen to any of your favorite songs in this healing resonance. 

Simply allow the vibrations to wash over you. Open your mind and heart, and examine where the sound waves settle in your body. What kind of things come to mind? You may experience profound realizations of areas where you are holding onto guilt or fear, or perhaps you will just feel subtle relaxation. 

Try to relax and listen to this frequency for 15 minutes a day at least, for several weeks. You may be surprised by the changes you will experience during this time. 

Fortunately the ability to listen to all of your songs at Solfeggio Scales just got a lot easier! 

With HZP you can adjust the frequency of any music you have on your personal devices to enhance your listening experience. HZP allows you to experience your favorite songs in any of the Solfeggio Frequencies so that you can explore what resonates with your unique mind, body, and spirit. 

For the first time, you can unlock the healing potential of these frequencies at home from any device – making ancient medicine accessible for modern times. This new software is perfect for DJ’s, meditations, mindful gatherings of all kinds. Download HZP today to see how listening to music at any of the healing frequencies will benefit you. We believe you’ll love what you hear! 

Head on over to to find the right player for your device!

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