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528Hz is a frequency of sound known as the Love Frequency. The specific vibrations emitted at this frequency are believed to support healing in the human body and inspiring connection with nature and spirituality. 

528Hz essentially means that the vibration of the sound we’re hearing is vibrating 528 cycles per second. Hertz (Hz) is a measurement of cycles per seconds.

The term hertz is frequently used when we discuss tuning instruments and music, but it is most commonly connected with alternating electric currents and electromagnetic waves. 

The idea that sound vibrations can help us heal is gaining popularity in spiritual communities as an alternative therapy, especially in mindfulness and meditation communities. You may have already heard reference to Solfeggio Frequencies in recent years. 

Solfeggio Frequencies are increasingly being used in meditation, music, and healing sound therapy due to their unique benefits on the human body. They are believed to be a rediscovery of ancient knowledge. 

The Solfeggio frequencies each represent different tones on an ancient musical scale used in Gregorian chants. 528hz represents the note MI in this version of the musical scale. 

Musical frequencies and the human body

In order to understand how these frequencies might support healing, we must first understand that all things in the natural world vibrate at certain frequencies, on a cellular level. 

Back in 1988, a respected biochemist Dr. Glen Rein, researched how different music affects DNA in humans. In his experiment he exposed DNA vials to different types of music like chanting, classical music, and rock and roll. 

He then measured how the DNA could absorb UV light, in order to understand how the music was affecting the DNA. His research concluded that various frequencies do have significant effects on the human body. 

Since then, more research has been done to suggest certain frequencies may have a more positive impact on human beings than others and music therapy has grown in popularity. 

What’s so special about the Solfeggio Frequencies?

The Solfeggio Frequencies are specific tones that target certain aspects of the human body triggering healing of the mind and body, and even spiritual awakening, according to proponents of sound healing. 

Solfeggio Frequencies and 432Hz align with the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance measures the electromagnetic resonance between the surface of planet earth and the earth’s atmosphere. 

In 1952, German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann measured this frequency as 8Hz mathematically. Essentially 8Hz, the Schumann Resonance, is like the heartbeat of our planet. 

Since then, other scientists, like Herbert Konig, and others have studied the earth’s resonance in comparison with human brain activity. You may see where this is going – it’s all intrinsically connected. Human brain waves mirror the electromagnetic waves of the earth. 

The Solfeggio Frequencies and 528Hz are in harmony with the Schumann Resonance of 8Hz. Begging at 8Hz the musical frequencies move through the octaves of the scale until they reach the various healing frequencies. 

The Miracle Frequency

There isn’t a ton of hard research on 528Hz, but there is enough to have sparked a lot of interest and conversations. In 2018 a Japanese study found that music tuned to 528Hz reduced endocrine stress. 

In another fascinating study, 528Hz was shown to reduce cell death in human human cells that had been exposed to Ethanol. This is a promising starting point for future research on addiction and encourages the belief that 528Hz improves the function of human DNA. 

While more research is needed on the healing benefits of 528Hz and the Solfeggio frequencies, they are continuing to gain popularity within spiritual communities around the world. 

528Hz is one of the favorite Solfeggio frequencies and is believed to be the resonance of a balanced human heart and helps tune and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra which increases confidence and self-love. 

528Hz today

Mainstream musicians, like Jhene Aiko, who uses crystal singing bowls to promote sound healing in her new album, are beginning to incorporate these methods as well. In her famous song Pu$$y Fairy the song is played in the key and frequency that promotes healing of the Root Chakra. 

Most famously, John Lennon of The Beatles, recorded the song Imagine in 528Hz. 

The research on 528Hz is certainly promising, and we’re incredibly interested to see where the research goes from here. Still, it is important to remember when looking at alternative healing modalities, that they should not replace the opinions of qualified medical professionals.

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