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If you’re looking to give a gift that will keep on giving, there is no better choice than the gift of music. 

These days, it is so easy to get swept up in the chaos of materialism – we are always searching for the next “thing” to own or the next big tech item to purchase. One of the most beautiful things about the members of the Mindfulness Meditation and Musician communities is that they’re often removed from this desire to constantly acquire more stuff. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me and your love language is gift-giving – it can make it difficult to shop for those that you love. 

Instead of gifting another item that they don’t need, consider giving them a gift that will benefit their body, mind, and spirit. A gift from the heart that will bring them joy and healing for years to come is the perfect choice for your loved one. Check out these helpful ideas that are sure to bring a smile to their faces time and time again. 

1. HZP Solfeggio Music Player 

This is the perfect gift for every music lover out there. HZP allows users to listen to their music in the healing Solfeggio Frequency of their choice and to change the frequencies for lossless real-time music in the output of 432Hz 528Hz and more! 

This is an especially powerful gift for anyone interested in music therapy, DJing, meditation, chakra healing, or yoga. It’s a gift that will provide healing, inspiration, and happy vibes for years to come.

2. CVNC Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls 

If you want to splurge on your spiritual loved one this set of crystal singing bowls is an amazing investment. These singing bowls are made from 99% real quartz crystals and are frosted in the colors of Chakras they correspond to. 

Crystal singing bowls are used for sound healing, meditation, prayer, yoga, stress reduction, balancing the Chakras and so on. Each bowl has its unique frequency. They come with carrying cases to keep them safe for life on the go. 

3. Radical Solfeggio 9 Colored Tuning Forks 

These 9 musical tuning forks are each in a different Solfeggio Frequency and used for energy field healing. They come with an activator and velvet pouch. 

4. Tibetan Singing Bowl 

A traditional Tibetan Singing Bowl makes an amazing gift. This beautiful example is handmade from brass and covered in black leather. It’s perfect for meditation, encouraging creativity, and increasing intuition. They’re generally easy to play and very sturdy. This model is made in Nepal by traditional craftsmen. 

5. Energy sound 432Hz Frosted Quartz Singing Bowl 

If the whole set of Chakra crystal bowls feels like a lot, consider purchasing this one tuned to the frequency of 432Hz. Known as the perfect pitch, this 432 Hz singing bowl helps to open the third eye and tune the body to the frequency of the earth. Its calming purple color and excellent construction make it an awesome choice for your loved one. 

6. Monochord 

A demonstration monochord is sure to light up the eyes and ears of the music nerd or history buff in your life. This instrument is based on the model invented by Pythagoras in the sixth century BCE and is mentioned in early Sumerian writings. It demonstrates the relationship between the pitch of a sound and overtones formed by harmonic waves. You can change the length of the string and the sounds by moving the two bridges on the wooden soundbox. 

7. Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals 

For an affordable gift with a beautiful meaning, look no further than these lovely Tibetan chime bells. They’re produced by local craftsmen in Nepal and are often used for musical healing, mediation, and instrumental ensembles. They’re a great beginner instrument and are an especially beautiful way to begin meditation sessions. 

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