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Wellness-focused lifestyle choices continue to impact allopathic medicine, with Western doctors beginning to incorporate techniques from ancient systems of healing from around the world. In the past few decades treatments like acupuncture and massage have gone from being fringe practices mostly sought out by new age types to being popular supplemental therapies that are recommended, and sometimes even offered right in the office, by primary care physicians. 

The scientific community has largely accepted that stress has a huge impact on physical health, and many recommend relaxing activities and mindfulness practices to combat ailments ranging from high blood pressure to fatigue. If you’re looking to learn how emotions impact your health, and how to use sound healing Solfeggio Frequencies to create more balance and health in the body, grab a cup of tea and check out our helpful guide. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 

The idea that emotions can affect us physically is far from new. It appears the western world is finally catching on to something that’s been ingrained in eastern medical practices for hundreds of years – the mind-body connection is crucial to maintaining overall health. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes this one step further – emotions are believed to be the main cause of most internal diseases. Within this medical system, which is still practiced around the world – especially in China, South Korea, and Japan – doctors believe that intense and prolonged emotions can cause blockages in the body’s meridian system.

In TCM, a meridian essentially refers to the energetic body. It is quite like the Chakra system in the Vedic school of thought. Meridians allow qi (pronounced chee), or life force energy, to flow freely throughout the body. Keeping the Meridians clear allows this vital life force energy to balance a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The idea is that we must work through, and “move” uncomfortable emotions through the system to remove them in order to remove the root cause of physical illness. Once we’ve worked through and removed those emotional blockages, the healing process gain begins. It is important to note, that all emotions in moderation are normal and natural. As humans, we are all able to experience a wide range of emotions – the problem arises when the emotions become overwhelming and stick around for an extended period. 

Sound Healing and TCM 

Like TCM, the practice of sound healing is starting to pick up in the west. More than ever before, people are feeling disenchanted and disenfranchised from the massive medical industrial complex, which seeks to treat everything from anxiety to obesity by pumping people up with pills, spending exuberant amounts of money on treatments that leave them with a host of side effects nearly as bad as the problem itself.  Western Medicine has its place – but so do the supplemental therapies like TCM and sound healing that have been used around the world for thousands of years. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, sound healing was commonly used to help move qi through the meridians. There are six specific healing sounds that are used – they are created through gongs and directed toward detoxing and strengthening each internal organ. Like modern-day sound healing, and Solfeggio Frequencies, these sounds are believed to release emotions from the energetic body, so they don’t lead to bigger health problems. Qi Gong therapies incorporated breathwork and visualizations to further help move the emotions along. 

Emotions that Affect Organs 

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine there are seven emotions that affect five internal organs. The emotions that have the biggest impact are anger, worry, longing, sadness, fear, shock, and joy. Excessive amounts of these emotions can lead to imbalances that disturb the mind and body and disrupt the harmony of our energy and blood which leads to internal stress and disease. Emotions are natural and are common reactions to things that happen in our daily life, but when they get out of control it came to become a major problem when they are long-lasting. 

Positive Emotions and Benefits

Love, Joy, and Happiness

Feelings of joy affect the heart as well as the small intestine. The perfect Solfeggio Frequency for calling in more joy is 417 Hz which helps to remove negativity and usher in positive vibes. For calling in love, 639 Hz is also a fantastic option. 


The emotion of courage has positive effects on the lungs, skin, and large intestine. 285 Hz is known to heal tissues and organs so it can make for a great benefit to liver ailments. 963 Hz connects you to your higher self and divine purpose which will usher in confidence and courage. 


Achieving a state of calm, gentleness, stillness, and silence can help with ailments of the kidneys, ears, and bladder. All the Solfeggio Frequencies help create calm, but 432 Hz is especially powerful when it comes to creating peace in our everyday life. 174 Hz is a great stress reducer, so this makes a fantastic choice as well. 

Generosity and Kindness 

When you embody a spirit of kindness and have a generous heart, your liver, eyes, and gall bladder are benefited. If you want to call in more kindness, try listening to 639 Hz which will help you embody a spirit of kindness and love. 

Negative Emotions and Their Effects 


The emotion of anger is associated with ailments of the liver. If you are looking for some support in releasing anger, try listening to 417 Hz which can help remove negative emotions. 


Fear is associated with problems in the kidney. If you are operating in a state of fear, 396 Hz is the ideal frequency for you. It can help liberate you from fear and allow you to gently release trauma that might be stored in the body.  


It’s normal to feel sad sometimes, but prolonged feelings of sadness can lead to difficult depression, and according to TCM, this can damage the lungs. 396 Hz is helpful in moving on from sadness and grief. 417 Hz can help remove negative emotions, and 639 Hz can help increase feelings of love and happiness. 


If you are suffering from prolonged worry or anxiety, it can affect your spleen. The best frequency for anxiety is 4327 Hz or 396 Hz. 741 Hz is also helpful.

How to Use Solfeggio Frequencies for Healing 

If you are just beginning to explore the world of alternative healing and mind-body-spirit medicine, solfeggio frequencies are an excellent place to start. It is important to note that these alternative healing therapies, including sound healing and Solfeggio Frequencies, are not meant to replace traditional medical diagnosis and treatment. If you are suffering from health issues – whether physical or mental – it is best to see a medical professional right away. These therapies are most beneficial when used in conjunction with professional treatment. 

The easiest way to get started with Solfeggio Frequencies is to sign-up for HZP’s premium package. Working with sound healers is an investment, and while it is worthwhile, you can experience the same benefits from the comfort of your own home. With HZP you can adjust the output frequency of any song to the Solfeggio Frequency of your choosing and start your healing journey right away. Listen to HZP at home, during your daily commute, or on the go. Over time, you will notice a greater sense of well-being, relaxation, and overall health. Sign-up for HZP today and experience a higher vibration.

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