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Beginning a manifestation process can seem daunting, especially for skeptics. You may find yourself repeatedly wondering if you can really create a new reality – but the manifestation is quite simply the practice of turning a thought or idea into reality. It is very rarely instantaneous, and many practitioners of manifestation techniques work on perfecting them for years.

Essentially, manifestation works through concentrating on our desires and goals – so that we begin to see new opportunities and synchronicities that align with our vision.   If you’re looking to boost your own powers of manifestation, listening to high-vibrational music can help! 

What is high-vibrational music?

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High vibrational music is any music that creates a positive mental state and uplifts the spirit. Any music that cheers you up and raises your energy can be considered high-vibrational music but converting that same music you love into some of the powerful Solfeggio Frequencies can make it even more impactful. 

Most mainstream music is recorded at the industry standard of 440Hz, and we’ll spare you the absolute rabbit hole of conspiracy theories about why that is – but 440Hz is one of the less natural frequencies and can be quite abrasive on the ear, mind, and spirit. If you’re looking to boost your ability to manifest, choosing some of the high-vibe Solfeggio Frequencies can help align your body, mind, and spirit while ushering in positivity and self-confidence to help you make your dreams come true. 

Certain frequencies of sound can help with manifestation as they can raise your vibrational frequency – resulting in your vibrational frequency aligning with what you desire. Music is a safe and effective tool to work within your manifestation practice. 

Which Solfeggio Frequencies are best for manifestation? 

The best Solfeggio Frequency for you depends on your unique goals and intents for your manifestation work. When in doubt you can’t go wrong with listening to 432 Hz which is incredibly helpful for ushering in positivity and creating a sense of calm during meditation. It is known as the Miracle Tone of Nature – so it also helps ground you and connect you with the earth. 

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417 Hz is the best for wiping out negativity, so if you’re fighting with that negative self-talk, give it a listen. If you’re manifesting love and healthy relationships with partners, friends, and family then try listening to 639 which can help attract love into your life. For a complete list of healing frequencies and their unique effects on the body, mind, and spirit check out HZP – play around with different frequencies and see what works for your unique energetic body. 

How to use sound frequencies for manifestation

With HZP, working with high vibrational music and Solfeggio Frequencies is easier than ever. Simply head to or search for HZP in your App store (HZP for iPhone will be available soon!)  Once you’ve created your account you can search for thousands of artists. Choose a song with a tempo or lyrics that you find positive and then select the output frequency that aligns with your manifestation goals. 

Once you’ve selected your music and frequency, find a comfortable place to sit. You can also close your eyes and dance if that helps you slip into a meditative state – movement meditations are very effective for some. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by white light. Concentrate on the music and breathe deeply so that your nervous system can relax, and your vibrational frequency can gently rise to match the sound frequency of your choosing. 

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After your listening session spend some time journaling, creating a vision board, or simply working towards the goal you are hoping to manifest. The more you work on your manifestation practice using high-vibrational music, the better your results will be. Sign-up for your free trial of today and start manifesting the life of your dreams. 

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