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The holidays are a lively time of year filled with friends, family, and plenty of festive gatherings. While this time of year is one of the most joyful and vibrant for many people, it can also be particularly stressful. Alongside the happy moments spent with loved ones, we often find ourselves rushing around, overbooking plans, purchasing lots of material things, and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to do it all perfectly. It’s the perfect recipe for major stress – when all we want is to relax and enjoy the magic of the season. 

Combined with shorter hours of sunlight (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and overconsumption of all the season’s treats the holidays can leave many people feeling particularly drained, overstimulated, and stressed out. For people who have difficult relations with friends and family, or who might struggle with social anxiety the feelings of overwhelm are particularly difficult. 

If you find yourself struggling to combat stress around the holidays, Solfeggio Frequencies might be the perfect tool to help you relax and ease your energetic body back into a place of peace, gratitude, and joyful relaxation. 

Solfeggio Frequencies are special musical tones that are believed to help increase various healthy aspects in the body, mind, and spirit. The use of sound frequencies for health dates to ancient times, and they’ve been discovered in cultures around the world – Rome, Egypt, Asia, and India are just a few. As early as the 11th century, Gregorian chants recorded some of the specific frequencies that are used today by sound healers.

Each of the Solfeggio Frequencies offers unique benefits to the body, mind, and emotional state of listeners and facilitates peace and calm.

The best Solfeggio Frequencies for reducing stress

396 Hz

If you’re feeling anxious from all the holiday action, try listening to 396 Hz – this frequency is ideal for letting go of stress and releasing negative emotions that might linger with you after any uncomfortable social interactions or situations you may have dealt with. 

432 HZ

432 Hz falls outside of the traditional Solfeggio Frequencies and is known as the Universal Frequency and the frequency of the earth. HZP allows output in 432 Hz along with the rest of Solfeggio Frequencies. It’s associated with the root chakra and is an excellent choice for creating a sense of peace, well-being, and balance. Many listeners report feeling happier and more relaxed after listening or meditating with this frequency. 

528 Hz 

In a scientific study from 2018, researchers found that listening to 528Hz for prolonged periods significantly reduced anxiety and related behaviors in rats and has helped to encourage the use of this frequency and bring sound healing into the mainstream. 528Hz is known as the frequency of love and is a great option if you suffer from social anxiety or are navigating difficult relationships with family or loved ones over the holiday season.

To experience the benefits of stress relief and peace all you need to do is enjoy listening to one of these relaxing frequencies. You can choose to set aside time to listen during meditation and breathe deeply, but you can also play music at each frequency throughout your day with HZP. HZP makes it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of sound healing. Simply log in to your account, select the song you want to listen to, and then adjust the frequency via the drop-down menu. 

Click here for instructions on how to change between frequencies on HZP!

You can even create your own playlists to enjoy at gatherings this season and those around you can experience the benefits too! HZP also makes an incredible gift for the wellness-focused loved ones in your life, so if you know someone who could use a little more peace and relaxation this holiday season consider gifting them a gift that will keep on giving all year long – subscribe to the world’s first Solfeggio Frequency music streaming service today!

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