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Welcome To HZP

Welcome to HZP & thank you for registering to the Solfeggio Music Streaming & MP3 Player service!

HZP is a patent pending Solfeggio Frequencies music streaming & MP3 player. It enables you to listen to any song, in any solfeggio frequency tunning and enjoy the healing benefits of Solfeggio Frequency tones while listening to your favorite music!

We are constantly updating each version of HZP: the Web Version, Mobile App, and Windows/MacOS version.

In the following articles we will take you through the different features and controls that exist within the app. Please note that some features such as the SYQEL music visualizer, and music library controls may only exist on specific platforms and not on others. Let’s go through those now:

Web Version

The SYQEL Music Visualizer is only available on the web version of the app. Also, the UI color customization is exclusive to the web version. Also, the only feature that is missing from the web version is the local library, so you will need to use the other version of HZP to import your own song files if you wish to do so.

Mobile App Version

The mobile app version can utilize the local library feature, so you can import your own songs. The navigational controls here (like genre, artist, etc.) are slightly different than the other apps as well.

Windows/MacOS Apps

The dedicated apps on windows and macOS include the ability to browse songs by length, and alphabetical order. Here you can also utilize the local library function.

If you have any questions you can also refer to our knowledge base, and if no answer is found you may also join us on Discord or contact us directly with your questions.