How do I pause my HZP Amplify subscription?

HZP Amplify offers feature enhancements that allow users to enjoy all available Solfeggio frequencies, view unlimited SYQEL visuals, and have watermark-free visuals. 

We hope that you enjoy the app and have no need to pause your subscription. However, if you do wish to pause your HZP Amplify subscription, you can do so by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Side Navigation Bar
Open the side navigation bar by clicking on the account settings at the top left corner.

In the side navigation bar, find the Billing section and click on it.

Step 2: Click the HZP Amplify Box
Click the box that will say either HZP Amplify- Monthly or HZP Amplify- Yearly depending on your subscription. This will open a page showing your Subscription Details.

Step 3: Click the Pause Subscription Link
Click the Pause Subscription link. This will open the page that will allow your subscription to be paused.

Step 4: Pause Your Subscription
Click the Pause Cancellation button to pause your subscription. 

(Optional) Step 5: Unpause Your Subscription
If you change your mind, you can unpause your subscription by going to the Subscription Details page and clicking on the Remove Scheduled Pause link.