How do I add Music to my Android?

Adding your own music files to Androids is very simple! This way, you can utilize HZP and Solfeggio Frequency Player’s re-tuning function with your own music.

Using a USB Cable

1: Plug your android into your computer using a USB cable.

2: Within your Android’s USB settings, make sure it is set to “File Transferring”.

3: Open up your Android’s files within the file browser.

4: Then open up the “Music” folder.

5: Simply drag and drop any music files on your computer to this Music folder.

Using an SD Card

1: Insert your SD card into your Android to correctly format it. (It should do this automatically when you insert the card).

2: Take out the SD card from your android and insert it to your computer.

3: Open up the SD card within your files browser.

4: Select the “Music” folder within the SD card.

5: Simply drag and drop any music files you want into that “Music” folder.

6: Take out the SD card in your computer and re-insert it into your android.